Shallow Pot(Jet Black)

This shallow pot, made with our unique heat-resistant clay and glazes, expands your cooking repertoire under various cooking methods, such as steaming, boiling, and stir-frying.This pot contains no lead or cadmium and is safe for everyone to use.Without handles, the pot has a beautiful, minimal shape even as a piece of tableware, offering a new eating experience that seamlessly connects your kitchen with the dining table.

24 cm Type.
Body: Width: 240 mm, Height: 45 mm;
Lid: Width: 240 mm, Height: 42 mm/1 Liter (1-2 persons)

30 cm Type.
Body: Width: 300 mm, Height: 60 mm;
Lid: Width: 300 mm, Height: 57 mm/2 Liters (3-4 persons)
Jet Black
Heat-resistant temperature
Compatible heat sources
Open flame, conventional oven, microwave oven, radiant cooktop

About our glaze

About our glaze Our craftsmen apply our original glazes by hand on each single pot.
Therefore, a slight color irregularity may occur due to the difference in the thickness of the applied glaze. This causes no problem for use.
Please enjoy the warmth of handmade pots.