Kitchen to Dining table

From your kitchen to dining table

Excellent heat storage property of donabe casserole pots and sophisticated design of plates. PETARI products have been developed not only for better cooking but also for more enjoyment at your dining table.

Heat storage property unique to donabe pots

When compared with enameled cast iron cooking pots and aluminum-alloy pots, donabe casserole pots are most distinguished by their excellent heat storage property.
Since the temperature inside donabe pots is hard to change, they have a high level of insulation to prevent foods inside from quickly cooling even after the heat is turned off . Thus, they are suitable for residual-heat cooking.
Moreover, unlike traditional donabe pots, PETARI products use a heat-resistant material made through our original formulation also for the lid. This allows cooking in conventional and microwave ovens with the lid on.

Preventing the flavor from being lost

Compared with metal posts, donabe casserole pots transfer heat more slowly.
Accordingly, the temperature inside the pots rises slowly, making it easier to decompose the protein of the ingredients into umami (savory) components. As a result, the flavor of food is slowly extracted to create more delicious meals.

Design with a rim

PETARI shallow pots do not have handles that have traditionally been a part of donabe pots.
Instead, they have a beautiful rim like a piece of tableware. So, you can use them as they are on your dining table.
This small feature provides you enjoyment for your everyday dining experience.